The Best Surfing Movies Of All-Time

Surfing has always been a sport defined by aesthetics. Even professional competition scoring is based on style and form. Because of this the sport has always lent itself to movies. These are the bet surf movies of all-time in no particular order because it’s all subjective man.


Point Break

Is there any movie better than Point Break? Probably, but what a great mix of over the top action, surfing culture, and bank robbery. Who’s up for Point Break 2?

North Shore

This is simultaneously the best and worst movie on this list. Imagine Gidget with a dude from Arizona, with some classic one-liners and an antagonist played by Laird Hamilton peppered in.


Sorry to all you soul surfers that believe Gidget was the beginning of the end of surfing as a counter-culture, but it’s for this reason it must be mentioned on this list.

September Sessions

The first true surf movie on this list. If you’ve ever been to Indo you know the waves are annoyingly perfect after surfing Southern California. This is what happens when you put perfect surfers on perfect waves set to Jack Johnson music.

Blue Crush

Another box office movie about surfing which remains an alluring yet elusive sport for the vast majority of Americans. The story isn’t terrible, and there are even some good shots of surfing.

Riding Giants

A great surf documentary even though Laird Hamilton’s not playing Lance Burkhart from North Shore. Director Stacy Peralta breaks down the history of big wave surfing with some breathtaking footage.

Step Into Liquid

Another surf documentary. The sport of surfing is unattainable for millions but is still adored. This film captures that captivating yet elusive culture.

The Endless Summer

Disregard that “in no particular order” from before, The Endless Summer is the best movie on this list. It is a classic movie from 1966 that is still relevant today. “The Search For The Perfect Wave” will always resonate among kings like us.



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