Surfing Secrets: Kelly Slater Beyond the Surf Life

Robert Kelly Slater, officially known as just Kelly Slater, is an American professional surfer. Born by the waves of Cocoa Beach, Florida, it’s clear that the surf life called out to Kelly from a young age. Among the
World Surf League, Slater has been racking up the records. At age 20, he became the youngest surfer to win the championship. Just 19 years later at age 39, he became the oldest surfer to win the title. Crowned champion 11 total times in his surfing career, Slater is not only the most successful champion and leader in his career, he has easily become one of the biggest legends of the surfing community.

Slater is known for his talent, holding 11 total world championships, he has more than any other major athlete in the world. Behind all of his success, fame and glory to surfers all over the globe, Kelly Slater had openly suffered through rough patches in life. Although it doesn’t seem to stop him from achieving major accomplishments in his career, insecurity played a major role in Slater’s life.

“It probably comes from some sort of void you’re trying to fill, in your heart” Slater says, in this video. He opens up to his fans, and also the world, with his father’s struggle to stay sober. Turning him off to that kind of lifestyle, Kelly Slater learned what life he really wanted to live thanks to his father.

On top of this lifestyle choice, he knew he didn’t want to live a party lifestyle because of the impact and hurt it would have on his mother. In a completely sober life, he’s chased his dreams and success fell at his feet.

This isn’t to say that Slater has never made mistakes. By the middle of this video, he opens up about how many of his mistakes were in the relationships he’s had. His past partnerships haven’t aligned the way one would wish. Core beliefs and who Kelly Slater is didn’t match up with the partners he had picked before.

Last year in June of 2016, Kelly Slater was in a surfing contest with 50 foot waves and dangerous situations.

In another video, he shares about his most dangerous surfing moments and the fear of drowning. Pipeline, Hawaii is shallow with intense waves, with numerous deaths. In Maverick’s Half Moon Bay, Slater is no stranger to losing friends to this location. Intense waves broke on Slater, knocking him out and nearly taking his life. A two-wave hold down is a heavy wipe-out, or a “badge of honor” as he calls it in the second video. In a life threatening situation, Slater smacked his head after being knocked off his board until he was underwater and not breathing. After seconds under water and finally breaking the surface for air, he rolled closer towards the shore. Serious shock overtook him and although he potentially could have drowned, he survived this startling event.

These two videos show that even the best guys, the best surfer in the world, makes mistakes and always has something to overcome.


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