Ryan C Heffernan


As a young man, Ryan C Heffernan found a true home in the water. Surfing, Ryan discovered, is far more than a sport, but an art, even a way of life. In the footsteps of great surfers before him, Ryan dedicated himself to what felt like a calling, pushing himself to be better: the surf bigger waves, faster, and better. He may never reach the level of perfection that of idols (many of which are listed below), but the thrill is in the pursuit, and Ryan has no intention of giving up. Even as a amaetur athlete, Ryan C Heffernan finds no greater joy than he does on the weekends when he drives down to the California coast and hits the waves.

Surfing is one of the most unique sports in the world. It places us out of our comfort zones in the ocean without any technology. We must use a combination of our balance, strength and agility to leverage mother nature into a cathartic and athletic experience.

It is one of the hardest sports in the world to pick up because, nothing else is similar, it combines so many different skills and requires so much time to master. There is no easy short cut to becoming a surfer, just hours upon hours of dedication, practice, and sweat. Luckily, for those who are truly in love with the sport, it’s hardly a chore.

Still, to aid in what he knows to be a very difficult process of self improvement, Ryan began this blog to share his insights, tips and tricks, swap stories with fellow surf enthusiasts, and encourage those who, like him, were called to the water. He hopes the articles here will offer inspiration and practical advice and help alike, and that anyone who’s ever loved surfing will find the time and strength to pursue the art to their fullest potential.

Ryan C Heffernan, for one, is never happier than he is with the sun on his back, sand in his toes, and a longboard beneath his feet, riding the waves.


Ryan C. Heffernan’s Top Five Pro Surfers

Kelly_slaterKelly Slater

Some have said that Kelly is the greatest athlete of all time after dominating the sport of surfing for so long.

He has a total of 11 World titles and 54 WCT victories. And he almost won his 12th last year at the age of 42.

Tom Curren

Tom Curren is a legend in the surfing community. He won a total of three world titles during his career.

And was universally respected by both the underground and mainstream surf fans, by radicalizing the sport.

Mark Richards

An amazing Australian surfer whose second to only Slater in world titles. He won his first of four world titles in 1979 after an amazing heat at pipeline. He ended dominating for the next three years.

He was forced to retire with back problems in 1984 and arguably could’ve been number one if it weren’t for this early retirement.

Duke Kahanamoku

Duke may well be the most influential surfer of all time, helping bring the sport to both Southern California and Australia where it remains on of the most popular sports.

An Olympic swimmer, Duke was a true waterman. While living in Southern California Duke was credited with saving eight men’s lives after a boat capsized in large surf.

Tom Carroll

Tom Carroll is a Australian surfer with two world titles. He quite possibly could have had a third if he hadn’t boycotted South Africa during apartheid. He was also the first goofy footer to win a world title.

One other distinction separating from the rest is the first to earn a million dollar sponsorship in 1988 from Quiksilver.

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It’s been described as the perfect wave, even “mind-blowing,” according to Robert “Wingnut” Weaver, one of the lucky few who have ridden it. Even more amazingly, it’s a perfect wave every single time, without fail. Weaver isn’t talking bout some previously undiscovered reef, though, nor an exotic locale or a secret spot along the California coast. He’s talking about an artificial wave pool outside of Fresno, Cali.

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