Surfing in Shark Infested Waters Part 1

Surfing is an intense sport. Look, you have to focus on the waves and the water ahead of you, your body positioning,keeping your mind on track and maintaining focus. There are also other factors to consider, factors most surfers put behind them or accept as “part of the game” . The possibility of being attacked by a shark while treading waters is always possible. The latest news of shark attack, or what some people are refusing to call a shark attack is that of Mick Fanning, while  competing at the J Bay open. If surfing is something you enjoy, putting away the thought of a shark attack completely doesn’t seem reasonable. You can’t be foolish when you get into the water. Taking precaution is important, but part of embracing this sport is embracing the uncertainty both of the waters and what lurks beneath. Don’t let the fear overtake you. Anyway, here are some of the world’s most shark infested waters globally.

In Europe, the highest shark attack and fatalities come from Greece. While countries like Australia and the United States have the highest grade in their waters according to infestation levels,  Unlike the United States, Australian waters are graded in relation to shark populations, with three different grades of probabilities – mild (Northern Territory, Tasmania and Cocos Islands), moderate (Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria) and severe (Queensland and New South Wales). Australia is notably always on red alert when it comes to shark attacks on the continent.  Here is a list culled by with some of the most infested waters in our world. Stay careful out there and keep on enjoying the sport!

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