Medina’s Post Heat Interview Was Shameful

In the first tournament of the 2015 season at Snappers on the Gold Coast of Australia, we started to see the storylines starting for the remainder of the season. Gabriel Medina, who was the first Brazilian to ever win a world title last year, erupted in an interview after getting taken out in the third round.

Medina was upset about an interference call that contributed to his early loss. The call can be seen below. Glenn Hall is taking off an a wave with priority when Medina nearly runs into him causing him to fall of the wave.

In a post heat interview with Peter Mel, Medina was visibly upset. Known for being a fierce, unforgiving competitor Medina tried to be humble and positive but it came off completely contrived. First, he blamed his loss on Kieren Perrow’s decision to hold the contest that day even though everyone had to surf the same waves. He said he didn’t understand the new rules, but I’m guessing that with the number of Brazilian surfers on tour it was explained in Portuguese as well.

It’s important to note Medina is still young, only has a few years under his belt and he is still learning English. However, dropping an f-bomb on a live stream where kids are watching is inexcusable. That sort of attitude is reserved for the water.



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