Coolest Action Cameras to Catch the Moment when You Catch the Wave

Ryan C Heffernan: Coolest Action Cameras to Catch the Moment While you Catch the Wave

Coolest Action Cameras

Have you ever caught the perfect wave, had the perfect ride, and then looked around excited for someone to celebrate with, only to find to your dismay that no one saw your incredible athletic feat, let alone offered you a high five and a “nice, dude!” There’s nothing worse than experiencing a fantastically epic moment and knowing deep down that no one is going to believe you. Luckily, there’s a solution! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve witnessed first hand the rise of the GoPro in the form of videos taken from drones, balloons sent up to the stratosphere, hardcore mountain biking, or even the perspective of someone’s pet cat. Action cameras aren’t just for the pros or the rich anymore, and if you’re hitting the waves without one it’s time to stop and reevaluate.

Tiny, lightweight, waterproof, high-definition, and able to be mounted to almost anything, these little devices will change the way you experience the sport, and the way you remember your best moments. And best of all, you’ll always have proof of every extreme moment to come.

1. TomTom Bandit
You might have expected the GoPro to be at the top of this list, but this nifty little gadget is giving them a serious run for their money. It’s sleek cylindrical design makes it super easy to grip in a fist or to mount to almost anything — including a surfboard. The battery life will outperform a GoPro every time, and you’ll want to leave it running all the time in case something exciting happens. It’s a little heavier than some, and unfortunately requires you to switch out the lens for a waterproof one, but it might be worth it for some of these features. It’s ridiculously easy to edit your raw footage with their app which allows you to edit your best moments by simple shaking your phone. No complicated software skills needed. Better still, the TomTom records not only the location of your awesome feats, but it even records the speed and g-force you’re traveling at, and then automatically tags the most exciting moments. Now that’s a camera worthy of your coolest memories.

2. GoPro Hero4 Black
If you haven’t tried one of these for yourself yet, you really need to see what all the hype is about first hand. It’s certainly deserved. The video quality is exceptional, and it features all sorts of special settings to make the most of the epic moments that only come every so often. When they do, you’ll be ready with high-definition slow-motion features, and tons of accessories to make it even cooler. If you’re not looking for all the bells and whistles, though, you might want to opt for one of their cheaper models to capture the action just as it happened.

3. Olympus TG-Tracker
If you want to make sure every single detail is captured forever, this is the camera for you. It’s absolutely packed with sensors, so not only will it record your rate of acceleration and your location by GPS but also data from its inbuilt compass, thermometer, and even a barometer. This little piece of tech is every bit as extreme as you are, built to withstand temperatures of up to -10C and water for up to 30m.
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